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What’s Included:

Lifetime streaming access 24/7 to all 22 modules of the FBE course.  All 22 modules will cover over 25 hours of content.

BONUS VIDEOS: The Expert Series: Expand on the course content with presentations focusing on the specifics of talking marketing, rotational grazing, leasing land, animal handling and more.  Featuring over 25 hours of content from Joel Salatin, Greg Judy, Mark Shepard, Paul Greive, Colin Seis, and other farmers and ranchers who have a proven track record in regenerative agriculture.

Additional benefits include:

Access to a community run online forum (currently hosted on FaceBook) where you can connect with other FBE students to share ideas, discuss questions and spur one another on to success in your collective farming ventures.

A periodic webinar personally hosted by Darby & Diego, where you can get direct answers to any specific farming or business related questions you have.

Access to all archived webinars.

Access to the course is made available to all members of your immediate household family.

Access to potential future modules added to the FBE online course.

Priority status to sign-up for future in person events put on by GFL.

Discounts to attend future in person events put on by GFL.

Discounts for future online, stand alone courses offered by GFL.

Note: The workshop is non-refundable.

Course Content

Total learning: 224 lessons


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