Ready to build a chicken tractor and start raising pastured poultry?

Have you ever wanted to build a chicken tractor, but didn’t know which one to choose or how to build it? 


Farmer & Engineer Darby Simpson designed his own hoop house style tractor and has been using it on his farm since 2009.  This tractor is fairly easy to manage with a couple of wheels and a dolly, and will hold up to 100 broilers!

Darby has used this tractor to generate an income of up to $10,000 (net!) on one acre of ground at his farm in Central Indiana.

It’s rugged enough to withstand strong storms, but versatile enough to be used for turkeys, laying hens or as a sheep, goat or pig shelter.  You can even remove the tarps, add plastic and use it as a mini greenhouse in the winter!

Many of his tractors have been used for 8-9 years and are still going, meaning they’ll last a long time – saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of how to build the chicken tractor giving you a list of what materials to buy and how to assemble the tractor with our professionally drawn and engineered plans.

Complete set of drawings, instructions, shopping lists and more….

The plans contain 72 pages of highly detailed drawings to show you exactly how to assemble the Simpson chicken tractor with ease.  We’ve even included 3D renderings for each step thru the process, so you’ll have an idea of what stage the tractor is in after each phase.

Also included are a complete shopping list for every piece of lumber, hardware, material and equipment you’ll need to purchase.  Detailed step-by-step cut lists are included, as well as instructions on how to label each part for easy assembly.  Once all of your cuts have been made, use the step-by-step assembly instructions to begin building your chicken tractor.

What’s included in the plans?

  • Complete shopping list for all lumber, hardware, material and equipment.
  • List of the required hand and power tools to get the job done efficiently.
  • Pro tips to make building and managing the tractor easier.
  • Step-by-step cutting and labeling instructions for every piece of lumber with nearly zero waste.
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions from start to finish.
  • Professionally engineered and rendered drawings, complete with 3D images!











Upgrade Option:

At anytime in the future, you can upgrade to the Profitable Pastured Poultry course and get credited back for the retail sales price of this purchase.  Simply pay the difference and unlock all of the added benefits of the Profitable Pastured Poultry course including:  7.5 hours of video including both lecture style and on-farm instruction, setting retail prices, marketing solutions, business formation, legal entities, insurance, printable guides, Darby’s excel spreadsheets and much more!  Learn how to net up to $10,000 per acre raising and retailing pastured poultry.