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    Enrollment is currently closed for the FBE and enrollment will re-open in October 2018.

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    This course gives you complete how-to steps for production, chicken tractor construction, brooder management, pasture management, production costs, how to select and price retail cuts, selling product at a farmers market and much more.  Also included are bonus videos on marketing as well as Darby’s digital tools package including all of his spreadsheets, daily checklists and guides to help you be successful right out of the gate. 

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  • $19.99

    The plans contain 72 pages of highly detailed drawings to show you exactly how to assemble the Simpson chicken tractor with ease.  We’ve even included 3D renderings for each step thru the process, so you’ll have an idea of what stage the tractor is in after each phase.

    Also included are a complete shopping list for every piece of lumber, hardware, material and equipment you’ll need to purchase.  Detailed step-by-step cut lists are included, as well as instructions on how to label each part for easy assembly.  Once all of your cuts have been made, use the step-by-step assembly instructions to begin building your chicken tractor.

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