What’s Included in the Farm Business Essentials Online Course:

By purchasing the Farm Business Essentials (FBE) online course from Grassfed Life LLC (GFL), the purchaser is guaranteed to have streaming access to the content contained within the FBE teaching modules for a one time purchase price.  Updated segments within the FBE course will be provided at no additional cost.

Additional benefits include:

  • Access to a community run online forum (currently hosted on FaceBook) where you can connect with other FBE students to share ideas, discuss questions and spur one another on to success in your collective farming ventures.
  • Access to the course is made available to all members of your immediate household family.
  • Access to the bonus “video vault” containing tens of hours of video from the likes of Joel Salatin, Greg Judy, Colin Seis, Mark Shepard and many more experts who have a proven track record in regenerative agriculture.
  • Access to potential future modules added to the FBE online course.
  • Priority status to sign-up for future in person events put on by GFL.
  • Discounts to attend future in person events put on by GFL.
  • Discounts for future online, stand alone courses offered by GFL.

[please note that the above “additional benefits” are subject to change]

Legal Terms and Conditions:

By purchasing the FBE online course, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth below:

  1. You will not share your login information with anyone outside of your immediate household family.  This includes business partners, employees, interns, friends, immediate family not living in your home, extended family, etc.  Additionally you acknowledge that the information in this course is the sole intellectual property of its owners.  As such you will not duplicate, electronically copy, nor distribute in any way, any of the information contained within the FBE online course.  This includes video, audio, downloadable guides and tools, archived webinars, presentation notes, spreadsheets, etc.   You acknowledge that a failure to comply may result in legal action against you by GFL and/or a permanent ban from the online course with no refund of the purchase.
  2. You will abide by any rules of conduct set forth to participate in webinars, community run forums or in person events and will conduct yourself in an upright and courteous manner.  Failure to do so may result in a loss of privileges to participate in these forums, events or other community interactions.
  3. While the information provided in the course has been proven to work for its creators, you acknowledge that your results may vary and there is no guarantee of success.  You also acknowledge that no refund will be given regardless of your results.
  4. You acknowledge that you have read all of the terms and conditions, you are over 18 years of age and are legally eligible to enter into this binding contract.